News & Updates

2nd of January, 2018:

Due to circumstances and personal reasons, I quit Goggular Productions. As a side note, with vidme gone, so is my vidme channel.

1st of April, 2016:

Good News, Everyone!
Later at around 10pm in roughly America’s time, I’ll be part of a cards against humanity live-stream with my fellow reviewers at to celebrate my show’s one year anniversary and the upcoming one year anniversary episode. Including  Toby Mobias, Jane Gray/Brenna Britta, and possibly Michael Gleason. We’ll be playing with the Critics Against Insanity pack and the Cards Against Haganistan pack. Just check my youtube channel (or your subscriptions page if you’re a subscriber) for a video that will lead you to the livestream.

This seriously isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank, that day is over on my side of the international date line.

23rd of February, 2016:


Good news, everyone! Within a week or so, you’ll find my videos on one of the major reviewer websites, Channel Zero. This also means my first TV series review of the year will be the first video of my show to officially feature the Channel Zero bumper. It’s all official!

2nd of February, 2016:


My video was spotlighted on Radio Dead Air! Okay, technically RT Gomer was being spotlighted while my video was on the front page. But that means thousands of Nash’s viewers noticed it.